Feb 26, 2022 - Mar 14, 2022

Chronic Pain Management in Osteopathic Practice

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Chronic or persistent pain is the most common reason for patients to seek out osteopathic treatment. There is a need for osteopathic practitioners to be able to access and learn evidence-informed and clinically relevant information regarding the treatment of pain. Osteopathic practitioners are well-positioned towards implementing a biopsychosocial approach within the context of a pain science informed practice as it is already part of the osteopathic practice to treat the person as a whole. This live, online course takes place over 3 weekly sessions via Zoom. The material is divided over 3 hour segments each week. This course provides the opportunity to learn and understand the management of chronic pain from a biopsychosocial perspective, including our current understanding of pain mechanisms though the study of neurosicence, psychological and social factors that can influence one's experience of pain, and how this relates to osteopathic assessment and treatment .

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Anne-Marie Mougeot



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