Exercise Therapy

Looking for a little guidance?

One on one movement-based sessions are a great option for helping to increase mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, and overall functional movement patterns. If you are overcoming an injury, are worried about exercising due to pain, or unsure where to start, exercise-based sessions under my guidance will help you to build a foundation upon which we can continue to build strength and mobility skills to get you back to doing the movements your body needs to achieve in order for you to live your life fully, whether that means being able to enjoy longer walks or hikes, returning to sport, or incorporating more activity in general.


I will teach you how to perform exercises safely at a pace which you feel comfortable with, while challenging your body so that we see gains and improvements. Each exercise program is tailored towards your individual needs. My goal is to empower you by teaching you about your body, biomechanics, and technique so that you can feel confident in your movements and to move beyond pain.

Your Visit Might Include:

  • An assessment of your strength & mobility

  • Graded exercise program

  • Mind-body connection exercises

  • Breathing exercises

  • Home exercise program

I offer well thought out exercise programs that are based on:
  • Activities you enjoy (no more boring repetitive "therapy" exercises)

  • Functional movements that benefit you in your every day life (such as picking up and holding your baby, work-specific tasks, house or yard work)


Exercising with Baby
Benefits of Exercise Include:
  • Stress management

  • Increased bone density

  • Maintaining & building muscle mass

  • Building confidence 

  • Enhanced performance in activities or sports

Physical Therapy Session
I work with people who:
  • Want to become active again after long periods of inactivity

  • Are worried about re-injuring themselves or triggering pain 

  • Are postpartum and want to reconnect with their core, pelvic floor, and to rebuild strength and mobility to meet the demands of parenting and and self-care

  • Would like to use exercise as a form of pain-management

Woman Wall Climbing