Richard F.

My doctor suggested I consult with a kinesiologist to be sure I am doing the right exercises to help with my back and hip pain. I would prefer to treat my pain with exercise than taking drugs.

My first visit with Anne-Marie was a consultation to go over my history and what my goals were. She was very thorough on her evaluation of my needs and goals and we prioritized what my expectations were.

Next visit we started with simple stretch exercises and to determine my range of movement. Previously I had been doing stretches on my own, however was not sure if these were the correct exercises for my issues.

At each visit Anne-Marie evaluated my progress and questioned any problems or concerns I was having. More exercises were added each visit to challenge my abilities and discuss my limitations.

With her knowledge and education of the human body and my particular issues, she reviewed my ultrasound and MRI tests and we discussed how to proceed as part of my total treatment plan in accordance with my doctor’s advice.

My wife and I have full confidence in Anne-Marie's abilities and we would highly recommend her!


I was looking for a personal trainer to give me a workout program after my back injury last year. I found Anne-Marie and she has been fantastic to work with. She understood my injury and created a program around it to help me get back in the game again!! It feels so good to be working out again and knowing that I am safe to do so with the exercises she has given me. She provided me with a 5-day program that I can now go on and use on my own. It is perfect for me and my life style. I can strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to be active again following pain or injury.                                                                                                                                

Rebecca B.

Thanks to Anne-Marie Mougeot and her osteopathic techniques I was able to
overcome my shoulder pain I had been holding onto for 2 years. This is a story of
success. In August of 2017 I had my arm in a sling and couldn’t even butter my toast
without feeling pain. After having several MRI scans and going through physical therapy, my shoulder saw very little improvement. In April of 2018 I decided to see Anne-Marie at Island Optimal with the intention of healing my shoulder before I took a back -packing trip in May.


At my first appointment I could barely lift my arm above my head out of fear of feeling pain. Throughout the next month Anne-Marie helped my change my mindset about the pain. No longer did I think of myself as hurt, but as someone who had a goal to meet. I gained confidence in my movements and each day I added a little weight to my backpack.


Using my new mindset, exercises and manual therapy with Anne-Marie, I was able to meet my goal of being ready to backpack in May! When it came time for my trip I could not only lift my arms above my head but also carry a 40 pound backpack on my shoulders. There was no greater feeling of accomplishment than to go from not being able to reach for a cup in my cupboard to carrying a heavy backpack within a month.

Shoulder Treatment

Bob S.

I went to see Anne-Marie because I was experiencing sciatic pain. I had been suffering with the pain for approximately 3 months. I tried massage therapy as well as visiting a chiropractor which provided some relief but it was only temporary. I finally decided to go and see Anne-Marie. It was the best decision that I could have made. After the first visit, I saw immediate improvement. She is incredibly thorough and professional. After 3 visits I'm on the road to recovery! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Eilidh M.

I started going to see Anne-Marie a few months ago and I cannot recommend her enough. I had never been to an osteopathic practitioner before but now I visit her regularly. She is so understanding and supportive with her patients and really takes the time to listen and support me. I have noticed huge improvement in both my mental and physical health since I first visited Anne-Marie. It really makes a difference when you health care practitioner takes them time to listen to their patient and really cares about what they do. I have told everyone I can about osteopathy and to visit Anne-Marie! Thank you Anne-Marie!!!

Selene H.

I was so glad to find an osteopathic practitioner in Nanaimo who is trained in cranial sacral therapy and experienced in working with newborns and postpartum clients. Anne-Marie was so gentle with my son, he slept through his entire treatment and her osteopathic work on my hips and back helped with my recovery after giving birth. I love how gentle osteopathy is and always feel restored after a treatment.


Joseph L. 

 Booked an initial consult and loved her treatment, knowledge and practice. She knows her stuff and well worth the visit! I’d recommend her to anyone!

Cathy M.

I was recently made aware of the benefits of osteopathic healthcare, and after being treated by Anne-Marie at Island Optimal, I would highly recommend her. I was also unaware that my medical insurance covered these treatments!

Gillian G.

I just had my first treatment with Anne-Marie and I will absolutely be back. She is incredibly knowledgable, but also kind and compassionate. Her genuine care and curiosity to look at the bigger picture really sets her apart as a practitioner.

Shoulder Treatment

Shawna L.

Anne-Marie is very knowledgeable of how the body works as a whole. I love the holistic approach to healing the body.

Michael L. 

Anne-Marie has a great combination of practical knowledge of her discipline and intuitive care and was, as a result, very instrumental in my healing from a chronic back and neck injury. I highly recommend her without reservation.