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Explain Pain by  David Butler and G. Lorimer Moseley

Low Back Pain 

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes


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About Osteopathy in Canada

The Canadian Federation of Osteopaths represents nine provincial associations across Canada, which are in the process of establishing the manual practice of osteopathy as a regulated profession, on behalf of their members, who are educated in the manual practice of osteopathy. In Canada, the non-physician practice of osteopathy is practiced in almost all of the provinces. For more information, and to verify the membership of each provincial association, please access the provincial association websites available here. The title “Osteopath” is protected and controlled, in some provinces, by the respective medical regulatory college for physicians and surgeons. U.S. trained osteopathic physicians are not affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths. There are no osteopathic medical colleges in Canada.

About Osteopathy in British Columbia

Osteopathy BC is a professional association of Osteopathic Practitioners, who work to maintain and promote the highest standard of osteopathic healthcare in British Columbia. We have been raising awareness and promoting Osteopathy in BC since 2005. Osteopathy BC is a member of both the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths (CFO) and the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA).

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How to choose an Osteopathic Practitioner

Anne-Marie is a proud member of Osteopathy BC and sits on the board of directors.