We are living during a challenging time that demands a shift in the way we are used to doing things. In order to work with you as safely as possible, all Initial Osteopathy Appointments are being conducted online. Subsequent appointments can also be conducted online if that is your preference. 

What Does A Virtual Appointment Include?​

Initial appointments generally begin with a thorough health history intake including a review of your symptoms, medical history, goals and expectations. We may also conduct an observational assessment of your range of motion and other objective tests to help us to determine the best course of action for your treatment plan. 

Follow-up appointments are available to discuss pain management strategies, therapeutic exercise programming, including injury and postnatal recovery exercises. Virtual sessions are a great option for those unable to come to the clinic for in-person appointments and are available to anyone living within Canada. 

Although there is no "virtual" substitute for hands-on manual therapy, online appointments work very well for those who are ready to take charge of their pain and are seeking guidance and support towards active management of their symptoms in order to achieve meaningful goals. 

Online Class

Interested in setting up a virtual appointment, but have a few questions?